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Trautmanns dorf

Trauti, as it is called by the regulars, is an exclusive meeting point for lively conversations and good food. The fine furnishings and selected decorative flower arrangements ensure the right atmosphere. The garden is also a romantic location of delights for the palate in summer.


Hosts Gerlinde and Albert are an excellent team and place great importance on making sure every detail is just right. Albert is responsible for purchasing and Gerlinde waxes lyrical when talking about the dishes. The kitchen is modern and unpretentious: the very best seasonal ingredients are used and refined with skill and care.


Trauti is only opened in the evenings. You can even call in for a bite to eat at a late hour, hot food is available until 1 am, and sometimes things can turn into a real celebration. In any case, Gerlinde and Albert will make your visit a special experience.

Merano, close to the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
How to get there

15 min by car

Closed: Sunday & Monday
Tel. +39 0473 232818