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Some call it the best pizza


Pirri is really a bit of a mystery. Some say that you can get the best and most wholesome pizza ever there. Nobody really knows what it is that head chef Ugo Pirri does differently. Is it the dough, or the mozzarella?


In any case, this seemingly unassuming and simple local restaurant serves pizza at its best, with seasonal variations. Sometimes Master Pirri can be very experimental; for example, he serves pizza with zucchini flowers in spring. Homemade ice cream – sometimes also in very unusual flavours – is served for dessert.


Pirri doesn’t have a website and unfortunately you can’t reserve a table either. Call shortly before you leave or drop in spontaneously and try your luck is the name of the game here.

How to get there

15 min by car

Closed: Sunday

Tel. +39 0473 291348