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Family and tradition: cultivating regional roots


Patauner is one of those family-run inns in which local customs and traditions are cultivated. A winning combination. The restaurant has been in the Patauner family for over 100 years and is now being run in the third and fourth generations. The restaurant is a part of the Vogelmeierhof in Siebeneich, which was built in 1664. Heinz and son Florian take care of the cooking, Vroni looks after the guests at the table.


Patauner is also well known for its asparagus specialities in April and May. This is when the ‘Terlan Margarete’ asparagus is served; traditionally prepared with home-cured ham, Tyrolean Bozner sauce and horseradish or in a whole range of variations, both raw and fried. By the way, the home-cured ham is available all year round and is a must as an antipasto. Creative dishes with freshly harvested fruit, vegetables and grains are served in autumn around the Harvest Festival. Even old and almost forgotten apple varieties are used such as Early Windsor, Kaiser Alexander, Landsberger Renette, Weirouge, Brixner Plattling and Kalterer Böhmer.


Patauner places great importance on the origin of its products: you can read about where the meat, fish and other products come from at the end of the menu. The quality and the attentive service leave nothing to be desired


How to get there

25 min by car