Moving places

Extravagant and bold


The Meteo is located next to the Winter Promenade in Merano. When you sit outside in the summer, you can listen to the murmur of the Passer river.


The cuisine is exciting, brave and bold: each dish will differ from your initial expectations. But it will surprise yet convince you. That’s due to the expertise and creativity of Thomas aka Strappi, whilst sommelier Agatha – very professionally yet with her very own charisma – will help you select the right wines. The historic flair of the restaurant has been kept and refreshed. It’s extravagant but still chic and not too intrusive.


You could also start your evening with an Apero in the Meteo Beach Bar – surrounded by locals und sometimes by very loud music. ‘Meteo Baby’ – that’s what their otherwise rather quiet website screams out loudly. We think that’s cool and don’t want to give away any more than that.

Merano, Winter Promenade