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Leiter am Waal

For years now, Leiter am Waal has been the restaurant ‘on our doorstep’ and it continues to delight us. The tasteful old Merano parlours, but also the garden leaves on the terrace with a wonderful view create a fantastic atmosphere.


The Bauer family awaits you in the ‘Leiter’, which is what we call it, with lovingly prepared local specialities. Old recipes from grandmother’s time are reinterpreted and prepared using only local and seasonal products. What we especially love here is the lively service and the best-ever veal Wiener schnitzel with fried potatoes – simply good!


You can easily walk to the restaurant from the Pergola along the Waalweg trail. Ask us for a torch if you are going in the evening so that you can find your way back above the lights of Algund.

Algunder Waalweg Trail
How to get there

30 min walk