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In the Alpine pearl of Pfelders

Lazinser Alm


Lazinser Alm is located in Pfelders, in Moos in Passeier. Traditional hut meals – simple and authentic – await you here. The Alpine pasture is also a popular destination for families and older people because of its wonderful location in a natural area, but with easy accessibility.


Hiking paths No. 24 and No. 8 lead you from the upper edge of the village of Pfelders to Lazinser Alm. Pedestrians have right of way in the idyllic mountain village of Pfelders: the village is car-free with large car parks at its entrance.


Those who don’t want to walk can take a small train through the village centre. Pfelders belongs to the ‘Alpine Pearls’, one of 21 holiday destinations in the Alps that stand for environmentally friendly holidays with 100% mobility.

Pfelders, Moos in Passeier (1,860 m)
How to get there

1 h by car to Pfelders

and 1 h 30 min hiking time

Open daily

Opening times: Mid-May to mid-October

Tel. +39 0473 646800


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