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Once the highest granary in Europe



Finailhof is situated in Schnalstal, above Lake Vernago. Here you can try traditional Schnalstal specialities, such as ‘Schnalser Schneemilch’ (Schnalstal snow milk) and Schnalser pasta. Sit in the beautiful old parlours or enjoy the wonderful view of the turquoise lake on the terraces.


Finalhof has an exciting history. It is said that the peasant farmers there provided shelter to Duke Frederick IV in 1416 while he was on the run. For his protection, the peasants put him to work shepherding the sheep. To this very day, there is a cup kept on this farm that was allegedly a gift from the Duke. Cereals were grown on the farm up until the middle of the 20th century, which made it the highest granary in Europe.


You can reach Finailhof by hiking trail 7 from Vernagt via the Tisenhof and Raffeinhof farmsteads. If you want to go by car, make a right turn at the end of the lake and drive up the mountain road. Parking is available.

How to get there

50 min by car

Open daily

Open all year

Tel. +39 0473 669644


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