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The cosy mountain inn


The Gasthaus Brünnl (900 m) in Partschins is a popular inn with a welcoming atmosphere for both young and old. The petting zoo makes it particularly attractive for families.


Traditional dishes feature on the menu of the mountain inn, such as dumpling soup, mezzelune and, in the autumn, braised shoulder of venison with chestnut spaetzle and red cabbage. The handmade potato dumplings are especially delicious and are also sold in the Algunder Sennerei shop and the PUR delicatessen.


Hot food is served here from 11:30 am to 8:30 pm. If you want to hike to the Brünnl, you can park your car at the Töll-Brücke car park and from there walk for around 1 h 45 min up the Marlinger Waalweg and the Marlinger Höhenweg.

How to get there

15 min by car.