The freedom to be free

At home with us

You’re not in a hotel at the Pergola. You are at home with us. That’s why we think it’s important to know who our guests are, why they come to us, and what they desire. We can’t really tell you how to feel here, but we can set things up so that everyone has the freedom to be free.


It’s our home, but it’s all about your individual preferences and needs. When you’re on holiday, working, or being creative. You just have to experience the Pergola to find out if it’s the right thing for you.


In 2021, we redesigned our lounge together with Studio Matteo Thun. It became a living room. This is where you can experience the feeling of being at someone’s home. The living room is a space for getting together and having a chat. Everything is completely relaxed. You can go barefoot and help yourself to a drink.


Magazines, books and newspapers invite you to linger. In the fridge you can find Prosecco, wine and soft drinks, and James, our bar cart, is always at hand. There are plants, there is a piano, there are large sofas and the familiar armchairs.


This all comes to life regularly with cosy get-togethers, such as a piano evening or an aperitif in good company. We’re not short of ideas.


Something different