Moving places

In the company of Martina and Andreas

1477 Reichhalter

1477 Reichhalter is a place with history: The house has been around for half a century, and among other things has seen life as a butcher’s shop, mill, bakery, saw house, barn, stables, inn and finally a coffee house.


Today the Reichhalter, a 2019 Monocle Restaurant Award Winner, is run with passion by Martina and Andreas. Guests are treated like friends and are welcome in the cafe or restaurant from morning to evening. It almost feels like you are visiting them in their own home.


The restaurant doors open as early as 7:30 am. A spot of breakfast, lunch, coffee and cake, refreshing homemade lemonade and after-work drinks – there’s always a reason to come back. Ingredients are meticulously chosen and carefully prepared.


How to get there

20 min by car